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Discover more about our latest news, events and breakthroughs that have laid the groundwork for ExcellGene’s scientific foundation. Explore a variety of publications authored or co-authored by Florian and Maria Wurm, alongside ExcellGene scientists, spanning over three decades.

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One molecule against multiple COVID virus variants – philantropic $3.6 Billion CEPI organisation & ExcellGene collaborating for global defense

A delegation of CEPI (Coalition of Epidemic Preparedness and Innovation) was received by ExcellGene SA, the biotech service company in Monthey, on December 4th for a two day scientific discussion event. The meeting was held together with delegations from India (Bharat Biotech, Hyderabad, India) and Australia (University of Sydney, Prof. Jamie Triccas) which, together with ExcellGene, constitutes a three – party consortium funded by CEPI with a grant of 19 million US dollars.

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On-demand webinar

Join ExcellGene SA, a company providing AAV production processes and develops such processes for its clients, in a free webinar. Dr. Yoann Saucereau, a research associate at ExcellGene, will discuss a fast and dependable method to assess the quantity and quality of particles during various stages of Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) production.

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Excellgene SA Symposium on Modern Vaccines

Our world needs innovation in vaccine manufacturing
Making vaccines and therapeutic products for the world is a highly complex enterprise. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown a great need for science and technology to quickly develop effective and affordable solutions.

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From DNA to Therapeutic Protein in CHO Cells

The repeated Ebola virus outbreaks in West Africa have reached historic proportions and underscore the vulnerability of populations to pathogens. ExcellGene and 12 others are working together to create an effective preventive vaccine.

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Single Use Bioreactors & Disposable Process Materials, How-To & Issues

Disposable materials in bioprocessing and single-use bioreactors have become widely used standards in R&D at small scale as well as cGMP based manufacturing. Both founders of ExcellGene SA (Dr. Maria J. Wurm, CEO, and Dr. Florian M. Wurm, CSO) gave talks about single-use bioreactors at the Disposable Solutions Forum in Berlin, February 19, 2020.

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Press Releases

EXCELLGENE, Switzerland, and LOTTE BIOLOGICS, South Korea, Announce a Collaboration for Cell Line Development and Manufacturing of Biologics.

LOTTE BIOLOGICS and EXCELLGENE today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate in the biopharmaceutical Contract Development Organization (CDO) business. With this agreement, LOTTE BIOLOGICS will be able to proactively promote its CDO business by attracting a large number of customers ahead of its long-term strategy of expanding its Syracuse plant and constructing a factory in Korea.

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Affordable SARS-CoV-2 protein vaccines for the pandemic endgame

The astonishing speed with which coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID- 19) vaccines were developed is nothing short of a scientific triumph. Their rapid development was in part enabled by the use of novel gene-delivery technologies that could be manufactured quickly and at scale1.

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Innovation in Vaccine Manufacturing

The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the urgent need for science and technology to develop effective and affordable solutions to make vaccines accessible quickly and on a global level. Poor manufacturability remains however one of the major bottlenecks that often prevents great science from reaching public health objectives.

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Twenty Years

Prices of recombinant proteins for therapy and industrial (non-medical) uses differ 100 to 10,000 fold. Why?

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Scientific Publications

A superior HEK cell line for AAV production

A superior HEK cell line for AAV productionWriter's Insight Derived from ExcellGene's HEKExpress® cells, a widely used cell system known for its transient and stable protein expression, a new host system with superior performance has been developed. This innovative...

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Naming CHO Cells for Bio-manufacturing

Introduction Over the last 3 decades, CHO cells have become the most popular cell line for production of recombinant proteins for human therapy. In fact, nine of the world's 15 top selling drugs are protein therapeutics derived from CHO cells—with 76 Billion US...

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CHO Quasispecies – Implications for Manufacturing Processes

Introduction Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells are, today, the gold standard for the manufacturing of therapeutic proteins. The overall value of products derived from these cells exceeds 50 billion US $ annually, and significant research and development efforts are...

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