Transient Gene Expression Paper Submissions Welcome

Transient Gene Expression (TGE) is the topic of an upcoming Special Issue in Processes, an open access journal of chemical and biological process engineering.

Research in this field aims to reduce the cost and time needed to produce proteins of value for academia and industry. In view of this, Dr. Florian Wurm and Dr. Martin Jordan of Merck Biopharma in Switzerland have agreed to be guest editors of this issue, entitled Transient Gene Expression for Rapid Protein Supply.

Find below information provided by the guest editors. More details can be found on the Processes Special Issue page. Submissions for manuscripts are open until the 30th November 2018.

This Special Issue of Transient Gene Expression for Rapid Protein Supply focuses on scientific aspects of recombinant protein production and associated technologies. We encourage submissions of papers that present various technologies, used with CHO, HEK-293, HeLa and other mammalian or non-mammalian derived cell lines providing access to rapid protein synthesis. The papers should emphasize readily applicable methods, both for academic and industrial research laboratories, but also for more specialized use at scales of operation that exceed the typical research laboratory (“large scale transient gene expression”). In spite of the fact that virus-mediated transfer of genetic information can be considered transient, such as with the help of Baculovirus vectors, the editors of this Special Issue wish to restrict the issue to submissions of “naked” DNA or RNA as carriers of the genes of interests into the host cell system.

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Transient gene expression papers

ExcellGene scientists and researchers of the laboratories of Prof. Wurm have been pioneers in the use and advancement of the technologies of transient gene expression using HEK293 and CHO cells, particularly for providing research materials of proteins of academic and industrial interest. Prof. Wurm has published several papers on the subject of TGE:

  1. Transfecting mammalian cells: optimisation of critical parameters affecting calcium-phosphate precipitate formation
  2. Principles of a scaleable transient transfection and expression technology for mammalian cells

  3. Transient gene expression from mammalian cells – a new chapter in animal cell technology?

  4. Transfection of adherent and suspended cells by calcium phosphate