High Throughput
Protein Production

Are you looking for purified proteins for Tox studies, formulation studies or
in-vivo / in-vitro experiments?

Our proprietary transient gene expression CHOExpress® and HEKExpress®(HEK293) cells have been optimized for rapid growth, efficient DNA uptake, high protein expression and high density in suspension cultures (>30 million cells/mL).

What we do

  • Transient gene expression from 5 to 500 mL (up to 2 grams)
  • Novel transient gene expression screening protocol
  • Rapid production with a CHO pool (0.2 to 20 grams)
  • Expression level with a CHO pool up to 4 g/L
  • Purification through chromatography and formulation by UF/DFv
  • The reproducibility and robustness in our system makes it possible to scale up from 10 to 450 mL in a non-instrumented bioreactors.

Key aspects to working with ExcellGene

  • We perform DNA-sequence optimization to guarantee high product titers after transfections
  • We can screen hundreds of protein variants in parallel for you. Expect to receive 20 μg to 2 mg of purified product per protein
  • We offer seamless scale-up of production to gram or kilograms, using our large scale bioreactors (40 – 200 L) and DSP equipment. We can have your purified protein delivered within months