Innovation in Vaccine Manufacturing

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Aug 16th, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the urgent need for science and technology to develop effective and affordable solutions to make vaccines accessible quickly and on a global level. Poor manufacturability remains however one of the major bottlenecks that often prevents great science from reaching public health objectives.

Addressing this issue, in a pragmatic and concrete manner, has for long been a major concern to Prof. Florian Wurm, the organizer of the symposium, who invited his peers, Prof. Patrick Soon-Shiong from USA, Prof. Rino Rappuoli from Italy, Prof. Dr. Jamie Triccas from Australia and Dr. Michael Watson from UK and his ExcellGene colleagues, Dr. Maria Wurm and Dr. Paco Pino to present their reflections and proposals. Their lectures, from different perspectives, will be followed by a panel discussion and a debate with the audience.

Organized and offered to the public health community by ExcellGene on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the Symposium “Modern Vaccines, Manufacturing Bottlenecks, from DNA to product” is open to a large and international audience of scientists, healthcare professionals, regulatory experts, media, investors, officials and politicians. It has the ambition to bring together the different stakeholders and make them reflect, learn, push for innovation and remove barriers together, hence paving the way for modern and efficient approaches in developing vaccines and therapeutics on a global scale.

This exceptional symposium does also represent a great, cross-category, networking opportunity and a first initiative of this kind in the complex vaccine manufacturing environment.

About ExcellGene

ExcellGene SA, a privately-owned company, offers high quality research, development, and manufacturing services in three key areas: recombinant therapeutics, vaccines, and diagnostics. The Company, spun off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), recently celebrated 20 years of helping academic and industry partners. ExcellGene focusses on manufacturing sciences offering services that include difficult to manufacture protein therapeutics and the development of gene therapy products (AAV). Host cells to generate these incorporate CHOExpress® and HEKExpress® systems, which have delivered products for clinical use from bioreactors at scales of 100 to 2500 Liter. The Company has pioneered many innovations utilizing recombinant animal cells in bioreactors and has shared insights and know-how through numerous scientific publications (3, 4). Recently, with SARS-CoV-2, ExcellGene has delivered milligram to gram quantities of CHO-produced spike protein preparations of the Wuhan, Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Omicron variants (5).

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Innovation in Vaccine Manufacturing