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How to quantify AAV particle production from transfected HEK cells

Join ExcellGene SA, a company providing AAV production processes and develops such processes for its clients, in a free webinar. Dr. Yoann Saucereau, a research associate at ExcellGene, will discuss a fast and dependable method to assess the quantity and quality of particles during various stages of Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) production.

Dr. Saucereau will delve into their robust and efficient approach for evaluating titers and ensuring the utmost quality of AAV viral particles throughout the production process.

Discover how ExcellGene’s scientists effectively addressed matrix effects in complex biological samples and established a quick and easily implementable routine for high-throughput and automated analysis of up to 96 samples in less than 30 minutes.

This innovative approach has greatly contributed to the development and manufacturing of AAV, streamlining quality control workflows.

The best part is that this invaluable knowledge is just a click away, and it’s completely free. Don’t hesitate any longer—access the webinar right now!

Learn about our AAV process development approaches and the use of clonally derived HEKzeroT® cell line which exhibits exceptional phenotypic characteristics in terms of robust growth, high transfectability, and the highest productivity of AAV virus-like particles.

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Yoann Saucereau, PhD.

Yoann Saucereau, PhD.

Research Associate Analytics

Webinar: Accelerate Assay Development and Reduce Cycle Times for AAV Quantification in Complex Biological Samples


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