Free Virtual Talk and Q&A - Oct 1st: From DNA to Therapeutic Protein in CHO Cells

On October 1st 2020, ExcellGene CSO Prof. Florian Wurm gave a virtual talk as part of the 3rd Annual Biologics World Nordics conference. We were able to provide free conference passes for the occasion! Read the talk abstract below:

From DNA to Therapeutic Protein in CHO Cells - Plasmids, Cells, Process, Bioreactors to 10g/L or More - History, Cytogenetics, Population Genetics, Scale-down and Scale-up, Regulatory and Manufacturability

The talk will try to cover – in 25 minutes - the large range of topics mentioned in the title. It will also elaborate on the perspectives on the future and how CHO cells will continue to be most efficient system for the generation of innovative pharmaceuticals - applying high-throughput technologies for exploring a wide diversity of protein structures - AND to produce such protein pharmaceuticals at an unsurpassed volumetric productivity, eventually far into the 10-50 g/Liter range.