Talk: Strategies to Improve Titers and Product Quality @ BioProduction 2019

ExcellGene attended BioProduction 2019 in Frankfurt, November 5-7th 2019. Prof. Florian Wurm spoke under the cell line development track to cover strategies for improving yield and quality of recombinant proteins in CHO cells.

Talk: Smart Strategies to Enhance Productivity, Improve Titers, Cell Culture Performance and Product Quality

CHO cells in small scale bioreactors now allow production of proteins at the same or at higher product concentrations (µg/mL) than those seen in large-scale fully controlled bioreactors.

In ExcellGene's labs, 5–15 mg/mL (or 5-15 g/L) have been seen in cell culture volumes as small as 5 mL. The corresponding "non-instrumented" reactors, invented by ExcellGene’s CEO Dr. Maria J. Wurm, are typically shaken at high rate (> 150 rpms) and can be run in incubators that allow more than 300 bioreactors to be run in parallel. Deep insights into productivity affecting process parameters have been gained over the last three decades that have increased productivities from CHO cells 100 fold over those seen in the 1980s.

Contributing to this are smart vectors and transfection technologies that mediate integration into active chromatin of cells, taking into consideration the highly complex genetics of these cells. Cell culture media addressing the unique needs of the highly "deficient" CHO hosts have pushed cell densities up into the 30-50 × 106 cells/mL range.