Leading protein expression technologies for stable and transient

ExcellGene has had a unique focus on science since inception. The resulting proprietary cell culture technologies and know-how ensure the delivery of its’ clients’ projects on time and with a high degree of customization. These protein expression technologies are the foundation of ExcellGene’s exceptional results, and some have redefined the biotechnology industry altogether.

What do you need?

CHOExpress® host cells

The fastest growing CHO host for biotech

We developed a uniquely high-performing production host system for large-scale manufacturing. CHOExpress® derivative clonal populations commonly show fast growth to densities over 20 million cells/mL, process yields over 5 g/L, and great robustness for high-scale manufacturing (100 doublings).

The cell line is the result of nearly a decade of work, and is validated with FDA and EMEA cell line documentation, including TSE, BSE and mycoplasma-free statements. The cell line is immortalized.

CHOExpress® is highly compatible with other systems, and can be used royalty-free. ExcellGene will guide you in ensuring favorable phenotypes in CHOExpress®-derived clonal populations. Our knowledge on gene transfer and isolation of top-performing cell populations is at your disposal.


  • A remarkable CHO host
  • Fast-growing, high yields (> 5 g/L with many protein targets)
  • Robust at high density (> 20 million cells/mL)
  • Very high sub cultivation ratios possible (> 1/20)
  • Stable and sturdy for large scale manufacturing
  • Product quality equivalence from transient & stable production
  • FDA and EMA validated. TSE, BSE, mycoplasma-free. Continuous cell line, immortalized.

HEKExpress® cells

Pioneering single-cell suspension for transient gene expression and virus like particle production

HEKExpress® is a fast-growing, productive and robust HEK-293 derived cell line for large-scale manufacturing of recombinant proteins.

After nearly a decade of work with the adherent cell line, ExcellGene has generated an aggregate-free single-cell suspension culture with very high transfection efficiency. This also means scale-up in serum-free, animal component-free or chemically defined media is easy.

HEKExpress® demonstrates the highest TGE yield ever reported in the literature (> 1g/L). HEK-293 cells are commonly used for academic research, and are very suited for transient gene expression. The host system can be licensed along with our proprietary chemically defined medium.


  • A single-cell suspension host system for TGE and VLP production
  • Highest transient expression yield ever reported in the literature (> 1g/L)
  • Highly efficient in AAV9 production and lentivirus. Baculovirus-free
  • Fully characterized, ready for cGMP master cell bank generation and cGMP production
  • Single-cell suspension – no aggregates!
  • Easy scale-up in various animal component free media types
  • High cell density culture in ExcellGene’s CD media and feeds.

CHO4Tx® CHO Transient Transfection Kit

Your antibody produced in three simple steps.

We made CHO transfection easy.

By reducing the attention required to key steps of a conventional transfection protocol, we’ve taken out the guesswork for you to obtain your antibody reliably, in high throughput manner and desired yield.

The Transfection Kits’ cells are derived from CHOExpress® host cells. They boast a 15-hour doubling time, grow to high density, and have a transfection efficiency of over 90%. One transfection in a 10 mL culture tube typically results in 3-5 mg of protein.

Simply prepare your cells in the transfection medium, add your DNA, incubate for three hours, and add our production medium to get your protein within a week.


  • An easy-to-use in-house TGE protein expression kit
  • Your antibody produced in three simple steps
  • No transfection reagent required
  • One bulletproof protocol
  • From milliliter to liter scale
  • Reliable, high-yield production
  • Works with CHO suspension cells
  • Stable or transient transfections