Rapid protein production

Our leading protein production services result in high quality and timely delivery. You can expect up to 200 mg of protein in 3 weeks and up to 20 g of protein in 2 months.

ExcellGene’s foundation is built on expert guidance, reliable quality, and timely delivery. Our proprietary transient gene expression CHOExpress® and HEKExpress® cells have been optimized for rapid growth, efficient DNA uptake, high protein expression and high density in suspension cultures (> 30 million cells/mL).

The robustness and reproducibility of our systems enables scale-up of transient gene expression and stable pool productions from 10 to 450 mL in non-instrumented bioreactors. Parallelization allows multiple litre productions.

What we do

  • Transient gene expression in HEK293, CHO and Insect cells from µL scale to multiple litre scale
  • Novel transient gene expression screening protocol to optimize your vector
  • Rapid production with a CHO pool up to 20 grams
  • Expression level with a CHO pool of up to 4 g/L
  • Purification through chromatography and formulation by UF/DF

DNA SEQUENCE OPTIMIZATION Obtain high titers after transfections with our vectors
SCREENING OF PROTEIN VARIANTS Up to 100 variants tested in parallel, expect to generate anywhere from 20 to 200 µG per protein
WITHIN WEEKS TO A FEW MONTHS Deliver rapid protein production services from the 1 mL to 40 L scale (up to 20 grams) suitable for formulation studies.