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HEKzeroT® for AAV and biologics production

ExcellGene’s HEKzeroT® has been genetically modified to eliminate the SV40 T DNA sequence. The clonally derived cell line has been selected for the highest productivity of AAV and the highest percentage of filled particles. 

High Cell Density in Bioreactors

>15 million cells/mL, > 98% viability


Robust and Non-Aggregated Cell Morphology

Doubling time of 20h

AAV Yields up to 1015 vg/L

Excellent particle filling

Accelerate the development of your gene therapy programs by using HEKzeroT® and ExcellGene’s expertise for efficient and cost-effective manufacturing solutions.

20 hours doubling time, for faster scale-up
High density, non-clumping
>15 million cells/mL in fed-batch culture
High sub-cultivation ratios
Higher than 1:20

HEKzeroT® with ExcellGene

Each project is customized to client needs and handled by a dedicated team.

Tap into more than 20 years of expertise in manufacturing technologies.

We’re deeply committed to achieving your milestones, timelines, and target yields.