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AAV process development

Our HEKExpress® cell host’s unique efficiency in producing AAV is the result of over twenty years of innovation and fine-tuning. The highlights:

  • High titers — up to 1 × 1015 vg/L
  • Any serotype, any Gene of Interest
  • HEK293 cells in suspension adapted in ACF
  • Over 15 serotypes of AAV have been produced, such as AAV1-9, AAV-PHP.eB, AAV-PHP.Cap-B10, AAV8BP2, MyoAAV, Olig001, and retroAAV2
  • Robust cells for scalable processes — up to 40 L
  • cGMP compliant — fully characterized MCB

What properties make HEKExpress® such an efficient cell host?

  • High viable cell densities Over 107 cells/mL without feed
  • Culture in chemically defined medium or animal component free medium
  • Fast doubling time Under 24 hours
  • Very low aggregation in STR

Leading know-how in HEK process optimization

Your serotype and Gene of Interest are optimally expressed, and we provide the following: high AAV productivity, a scalable process ready for transfer and speed with high throughput screening.

  • DOE for process optimization at 10 mL scale
  • Bioreactor runs up to 40 L scale
  • Downstream process development, serotype-specific development
  • Analytics development (dPCR, SEC-MALS, DLS, thermal shift…)

HEK Express®

Commercially available HEK293

Process optimization

2× Improvement in VCD Compared to Commercially Available HEK293

10× Improvement in Yield from AAV2-GoI Process Optimization

Producing your AAV with ExcellGene

Based in Switzerland, our team is passionate about two things: solid science, and you, the client!

Every project is customized to client needs and handled with a dedicated team.

Tap into a deep and pioneering understanding of HEK science and process science.

We’re deeply committed to achieving your milestones, timelines and target titers.

Download the PDF

For your convenience, this overview of our AAV process development services is available as a downloadable PDF.